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Kesiena Ogefere



I am an Entrepreneur and HR/Recruitment professional.  After my first degree in Cell Biology and Genetics, I started my HR career in Nigeria before moving to the UK. The reason I switched from Genetics to HR is a long story. I am a chartered member for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and have a master’s degree in Human Resources Management.  My HR career includes employee relations, international recruitment, HR systems, business partnering and all other generalist HR responsibilities. I am also passionate about creating worldwide internet businesses that adds value and creates opportunities. My first to launch www.salaryexpectation.com is a Worldwide Cost of Living Salary Calculator that allows expatriates and global job seekers to calculate the salary that will improve their standard of living in a different city or country. The calculator and the Personal Salary Expectation Report it creates helps people move to 140 cities in 93 countries for a job in confidence that their standard of living will be increased or at least maintained. It also means that by knowing the salary you need to improve your current standard of living, anyone can use their job to literally improve their standard of living.

The idea was born out of the need to solve a problem that was a big part of my job as a Recruitment professional with applicants from all over the world. I noticed that candidates moving from one city or country to another had no idea what their salary expectation should be, and this is an extremely important factor in moving for a job. Some candidates did not have a realistic salary expectation and this caused many of them to lose good offers because they had unrealistic salary expectations. On the other hand, some people accepted offers that reduced their purchasing power and standard of living in their new location without knowing.

I was also involved in determining the salary of employees being seconded abroad, and I successfully used the cost of living indices from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to calculate the salary they needed to maintain their current standard of living in their new location. I realised that the cost of living indices from the EIU could also be used to accurately calculate cost of living salary expectation for anyone moving for a job.  This would eliminate the problem of unrealistic or underestimated cost of living salary figures derived by using unverified cost of living information from the internet.

After several months of discussions to get the cost of living indices from the EIU for a B2C product, I set out to create a simple yet powerful calculator that will determine cost of living salary expectations, and generate a report with detailed information on everything an individual needs to evaluate the salary they need or have been offered in another city or country. In four simple steps, anyone can create a report that will help them fully understand what moving for a job will mean to them financially. I am confident that this product will help its users increase their standard of living, or at least ensure that they are not financially worse off. I look forward to launching other internet businesses that adds value to the lives of people that come across it.

Kesiena Ogefere MSc, Chartered MCIPD. enquiries@expatbusinesswoman.com

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