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Laura Adams



Laura Adams

Starting off with a love of dance most of my life I went to the Britt school to study BTEC Performing Arts and Dance but then after 15 years I wanted a new challenge so I went for a HND in Music Business and Technology - after an enjoyable couple of years in the music industry I fell into real estate, introduced by a friend who needed cover in her Soho Real Estate company in Central London, that one day cover turned into the rest of my career so far

After working at a few independent agencies throughout London as a Manager I decided to work for a corporate company in order to grow and learn more, after just 8 months on a rainy cold August day (2008) in London I got a call from the HR manager of Better Homes in Dubai, thinking it was a joke at first but then agreed to go for an interview, never having gone to Dubai I did not know what to expect but immediately I knew this was the place where I should be! The land of opportunity! Within 4 weeks, with one suitcase, I was on the plane with a one way ticket

After a year of being in Dubai, whilst working at Better Homes, I saw the niche for a credible maintenance company so I formed The Fix it Squad with a business partner this has been 4 successful years at the time of writing and we are continuing to expand with over 4000 properties under contract.  At Better Homes I was working from the Head Office in Jumeirah starting off as Leasing Manager then onto Sales and Leasing Manager specialising on the Palm, Downtown and GCC areas after 3 years I decided the time was right to set up an Agency, Carlton Real Estate which is going from strength to strength

Work life - Differences to your home country, challenges, rewards

You certainly have to learn the word and practice patience in Dubai the pace is allot slower that in London and do not expect things to be done the way you would expect, at times Dubai takes micro management to a whole new level!

Success - Achievements to date, proudest moment, what it means to you

Co-Founding Carlton Real Estate with limited resources was one of my proudest moments, building an excellent team that are loyal and trustworthy is what really matters, people are your company and I am fortunate to have found some of the best in the market but this is also the hardest task a business in Dubai has, finding good staff and keeping them

Future - How do you see yourself progressing, personal goals

I am in the process of setting up a new online portal which will advertise property around the world which is exciting and will be launched in the new-year

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