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Nita Maru



Nita Maru  journey to success

…So why Dubai of all places? I say, why not?

The first time I heard of Dubai, it seemed to be a fascinating place offering tremendous growth opportunities to those who make it; so move we did. Following our move to Dubai from London, I took a career break to raise three children. During that period, I realised – with my lawyer’s mind-set that there was a lack of awareness by expatriates of the implications of local laws on their estates and family, and  a lack of knowledge on the importance of succession planning in the UAE.

Through my own motivations, I managed to get myself well-connected throughout the various UAE business networks, with local advocates and local judges; whilst also continuing with my education specifically linked to the understanding of local rules and regulations and the ever-changing international legal framework.

As I conducted more research, it became apparent that there was not one law firm in Dubai that specialised in Wills and Succession Planning. I was determined and committed to set up my own law firm with a division dedicated solely to this area of law.

So in 2009, despite the ongoing recession, I was in the midst of passionately setting up my own firm TWS Legal Consultants. It was a challenging experience being a British female entrepreneur looking to establish a legal entity in Dubai with all the red tape, stringent application process, paperwork, etc.

However, when I finally received my license from the Rulers Court of Dubai (which happened many months after), I was, understandably, quite ecstatic and elated as it was a huge achievement and a major turning point in my professional career – a dream come true indeed! With the title ‘Managing Director’ of the firm, I knew there would be huge responsibilities as well as success. Today, TWS Legal Consultants has a solid reputation in the market and is highly regarded in the legal profession.

Initially, the firm was set up to provide will writing, probate, business succession planning, asset protection and offshore trusts to expatriate clients. Over the years, due to the high level of client demand, the firm has grown and is now run by a team of qualified solicitors who have considerable experience in the UAE, and internationally. The firm has expanded the scope of their existing services to include company formation, both on shore and offshore, corporate commercial, real estate, family law/ divorce immigration and second citizenship.

The firm now serves clients as a `one-stop law firm’ based in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai.

Our firm’s aim is to build long-term client relationships through the provision of first-rate personal services, technically excellent and relevant legal advice, and highly practical solutions.

As a result of being highly regarded in the legal fraternity,  I was also selected to be a member of the elite Entrepreneurs Organisation. Being an active member of this global group has enabled me to develop both personally and professionally.

Now, after all these years, I remain a compassionate person, career-oriented with good morals, for I can say with pride that I have always conducted myself with utmost integrity in this practice. Something I am proud of as a lawyer, but foremost, as a role model for my children with whom I take pride in saying I have a very close and tender relationship with.

I know I am lucky to have my wits with me, and how fortunate I am to have a loving husband and children. They are my inspirations in life.

My advice to those still struggling to make it or dreaming of success: Believe in Yourself.

Never let failures or frustrations stand in the way of your dreams. Keep your pureness of spirit; never give up.

 About Nita Maru:

Founder and principal lawyer Nita Maru is a British qualified Solicitor, and is a Member of The Law Society in the United Kingdom. With over 14 years of experience in senior legal positions, including five in the UAE, Nita has authored several articles and essays on wills, the implications of Sharia Law in the UAE, asset and wealth protection. Her focus is on safeguarding families, children, and heirs under succession and inheritance laws in Sharia jurisdiction

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