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Posted by Karen Thornalley

Paulomi Bhatt



Paulomi is the founder of World at her feet, travel group. That is for women. Ever   since she can remember, Paulomi has enjoyed adventure and travelling to the unknown, meeting people from different cultures has always been a lure.  Even as a young girl she dreamt about faraway places and carries a lust for travelling even now. If I have some spare cash and time to spare, then I will be off on a lark". I knew that if I could somehow base work around travel then this would be the most amazing job.

After conversations with friends, acquaintances - single, married, divorced or widowed ladies, I discovered that there was  a great need for a travel organisation for women. I discovered that women would like to travel, further and more often, however they felt uncomfortable at the thought of travelling alone and most  package tour by the agents sounded too clinical.  The idea of a support travel group  for women  was born  and  we started The World At Her Feet I wanted to provide " women safe  travel " Today, after  two years of  operation  in the Middle East, and in India  before that, I have brought many a happy smile on  women's faces, from diverse backgrounds and cultures they have joined us on our countless   trips- all with one aim in mind - to travel together and have fun.

The World At Her Feet is a travel group for women, providing “Women safe Travel" several countries claim to be safe for women even though they do have a higher rate of crime against women. Due to all these circumstances, women sometimes do not feel safe while travelling or exploring the world unless with an entire family or with a male counterpart.

If you are interested in travelling the world or to your favourite destination with a group of likeminded women? Come along with us.

Our itineraries are always on our website, several months in advance and each itinerary provides you ample time not only for sightseeing, but also to relax on your own or with the other women in our group.

Besides  our  sightseeing tours for women, wellness  tours and culinary tours, we also have  family trips.  Making it easy for our clients and looking after their comforts is the most important to us. With this in mind we have several payment options and a Rewards program.

Some of the "women only" tours on offer, are

  • culinary journey  to Amalfi Coast  Italy  with BBC Good Food ME this Sept
  • Sightseeing journeys  to  Antarctica/ Russia/ S America/ and Iceland for  2014.

Destinations on offer for family trips in 2014 –

  • Galapagos/ The Amazon Basin/ S Africa/ Georgia

All details of our forthcoming trips can be found at: - www.theworldatherfeet.com or contact enquiries@expatbusiesswomen.com

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