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Posted by Karen Thornalley

The Camel Soap Factory


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The Camel Soap Factory is a Dubai based manufacturer of soaps, which are handmade with Camels Milk and Olive Oil.

Our soaps are pure and natural.  Each bar of our Camel Milk Soap contains 25 % camel milk. We use only the finest olive oil and pure essential oils.

All our  soaps are manufactured in the UAE. If you are looking for gifts for friends and family, your company, or perhaps an unusual and unique favors at a wedding, please contact us.

Why Olive Oil and Camels Milk

The soaps make a wonderful lather and are good for your skin too, as camel milk contains valuable Alpha-Hydroxy acids which plump the skin and smooth fine lines.  They have a very high content of Vitamin C (3 times higher than cow’s milk), which is important in tissue repair, as well as Vitamin A, B2, and D!. Additionally camel milk contains protective proteins, which include powerful antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties. Providing for businesses.

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