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Posted by Karen Thornalley

Aura Holiday Homes.


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Considering Renting your home out as a Holiday Home? Here’s what you need to know.

It is now a requirement in Dubai for a Holiday Home to be managed by a qualified and licensed company. Dubai’s approach protects a visitor’s experience of Dubai by addressing a key world-wide issue in the Holiday Homes space; namely, that for the vast majority of properties listed, there is a lack of clear standards, and therefore of trust that the property a guest thinks they are booking is actually what they get. Dubai is determined Holiday Homes reach a minimum standard and are managed by companies with hotel management experience and training. At Aura, we consider our role is to create a luxury vacation experience and we pay special attention to the consistency and quality of product for our guests.

The most important things you need 
to know:

1. Local Legislation

The Dubai Government provides the following advice for owners wishing to list their property as a holiday home in Dubai, UAE:

“Those who own residential houses and apartments in Dubai can now rent out their property as holiday homes on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis; without the need for an Ejari regulated tenancy contract; provided they use the services of a licensed operator; who in turn has been authorised by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).

This is as per Dubai Decree No. 41 of 2013, concerning the regulation of the ‘Holiday Homes Market’ and anyone renting out their home without this license, can be penalised. This is to ensure quality standards and easy classification, so homeowners should ensure they are only renting out their homes to a regular tenant through an Ejari approved tenancy contract, or on a short-term holiday basis through a licensed operator.”

2. The Holiday Home Market

Holiday Home rental is fundamentally different to Long Term rental under an Ejari (RERA) approved tenancy contract. It is important you understand and are comfortable with these differences from the outset. In particular you should note;

  • Payment received is in arrears and is subject to seasonal demand and the ability of the Management company (vs up front rent which is fixed for the year).
  • Your property will need to be furnished and equipped, which is an upfront cost.
  • On the plus side, your property will command the immediate hospitality 'market' price, which at present has been showing steady growth y-o-y. Your property will enjoy higher occupancy and certainly higher rates during the long winter 'high' season than during the 'low' season of summer. 
In return, and with professional and experienced management, you should enjoy significantly higher 'net cash in hand' from your property for any given 12 month period.

Aura Holiday Homes

From the outset Aura was conceived as a boutique operator of luxury holiday homes anchored on 5 Star Hospitality Management experience, design flair and a love and respect for Dubai as a unique holiday Destination. In our DNA is the promise of 'Distinctive Quality', enshrined in the dictionary definition of our name, which defines our properties, our approach and style, as well as the experiences enjoyed by our guests.

With Aura, you have access to a professional, experienced, Hospitality management team that pre-qualifies, markets and manages holiday home rental properties as being truly 5 Star, and at the same time offers a thoughtful and consistent personalised service to guests at every point of their interaction with us. We believe this is a winning formula.

If you wish to join our select portfolio of properties and benefit from the Dubai visitor market we would be delighted to hear from you.



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