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Foremarke School like every child; unique and proud to be so.

We are small, co-educational, unashamedly, traditional British prep school in Dubai for pupils from FS1 to Year 6 (ages 3 – 11). The school follows the National Curriculum for England, which we adapt and extend as necessary to match the standards of our contemporaries in the UK. In this way, we prepare our children to a level and standard required for entry into UK independent and private secondary and grammar schools.

In emulating our UK partner school, Foremarke Hall in Derbyshire, class sizes are small and our teachers are highly qualified and experienced. Together with our parents, who are truly involved partners in the children’s education, we aspire to produce well-rounded, well grounded, young people with a thirst for knowledge and a zest for life.

We encourage the development of thoughtful children; confident and independent, but demonstrating a strong respect for others characterised through care and courtesy. These attributes, combined with an aspiration to academic success, are the foundations for successful transition to a choice of quality senior schools in the UK and if preferred, locally.

Our curriculum is broad, balanced and traditional retaining emphasis on Reading, English, Mathematics and Science. Teaching is traditional and subjects are delivered by exceptional teachers who have high expectations of their pupils. Parents can expect to see and follow their child’s work in books where neatness, good handwriting and accuracy are expected. The curriculum is delivered subject by subject avoiding ‘woolly’ blurring of subject matter. Modern methods and teaching philosophies are used where appropriate. Pupils are recognised as individuals and are encouraged to challenge themselves in all areas of school life and to do their best. Class sizes are very small in order to offer a bespoke education for every child: small class sizes, excellent, traditional teaching and high expectations are the cornerstones of the Foremarke curriculum delivery.

At Foremarke we believe that we are preparing pupils not only to pass examinations but also for an enriched and productive adult life. As an academically selective school, our curriculum is rigorous but this co-exists with sensitivity to the individual needs of our pupils, who are challenged but not overwhelmed.

We believe that Foremarke offers an exceptionally wide range of subjects, sports and activities and we are proud of the balanced working week that our children are exposed to.

Strong emphasis is placed on courtesy, manners and tolerance and pupils are encouraged to value themselves and others. Frequent assemblies, coupled with our excellent pastoral care system, help to ensure that Foremarke pupils develop an intuitive moral code.

Class teachers and specialist teachers working in specialist facilities identify and nurture pupils’ individual skills and talents allowing creativity to flourish.

Although academic excellence will always be central to the Foremarke ethos, we are equally passionate in our belief that an all round education also needs to place importance on opportunities to participate and excel in activities outside of the classroom.

Sport is an integral feature of Foremarke life. We believe in competition but winning with modesty and losing with grace, as part of a team, are important lessons to learn. Equally important is the focus on the creative arts with our outstanding facilities affording exciting opportunities for the budding artists, musicians and actors within our Foremarke community.


We have provided exceptional facilities for academics, extra-curricular activities and sports. Each building is designed and built specifically for the age group it will house.  The Foundation School building is totally segregated from the Prep School building and has its own entrance and car parking.

We believe the building and facilities are second to none in Dubai; no expense has been spared and the school has been built to last.  We have very large classrooms and spacious circulation areas, which combined with a low pupil to teacher ratio allows us to provide the very best educational experience for all our pupils.

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