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Posted by Karen Thornalley

Liquid Of Life


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Welcome to Liquid of Life. Get to know more about our current developments and share news on sustainability issues.


Being a provider of sustainable, cost effective and premier water solutions, for the MENA region.

Company Overview

Water is essential for all dimensions of life, yet its scarcity creates many challenges around the world. Economic and population growth continues to put pressure on already depleting freshwater supplies will increasingly influence the way we live. The ability to create and provide drinking water at the point of demand in arid regions is a vital issue.

Liquid of Life provides a range of innovative, sustainable and cost effective solutions to meet the increasing demand for quality drinking water, across the MENA region. In particular, Liquid of life has implemented and installed technology that generates drinking water from the air, thus providing an alternative and sustainable source of drinking water. Liquid of Life has the ability to bespeak a system and retrofit water generators and dispensers into homes and office buildings to supply drinking water, without interfering with existing infrastructure.

Liquid of Life also provide a range of water filtration units which have been instrumental in helping its customers across different industry sectors to achieve long-term savings on their costs of providing drinking water and at the same time reduce the environmental impact associated with drinking plastic bottled water.

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