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Posted by Karen Thornalley

Swiss Gulf Partners


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SwissGulf Partners are a professional consultancy headquartered in Dubai, UAE with a reach throughout the MENA region, Africa and SE Asia & Europe.

 Our teams have been active in the above markets for over 5 years and have developed a strong reputation for delivery and execution through our consultative approach to the recruitment process.

Through our detailed processes and procedures, vast network, and original and diverse company model, we are able to ensure that each consultant is able to provide not only the best, but also the correct solution for your group.

Each consultant is experienced in competitor analysis and mapping and identifying the market’s talent and their teams globally. We insist upon an effective and transparent process working in true partnership with our clients and their executives.


SwissGulf Recruitment

Sourcing, consulting and placing the best candidates, with the best possible fit.

At SwissGulf Partners we remain flexible, offering you a first class full recruitment service. Our recruitment teams operate on a success only basis and quickly fill vacancies whilst ensuring they always deliver quality candidates.

SwissGulf RPO

Faster, tailored cost effective recruitment & talent management.

With SwissGulf RPO you and your business will receive a complete solution to help you attract, engage and retain the best people whilst reducing the total cost per hire 

When you have a large hiring project and tight delivery times our fast paced RPO projects approach is there to assist you. You will see project delivery with candidate experience levels achieving the SwissGulf Partners high standard.

SwissGulf Financial Services

After a turbulent period the financial services industry is currently spending time and efforts in restoring brands, complying with complex risk and regulation changes, and making their group a more attractive option for market leading talent.

Leading Financial services groups are striving to become a place where talented professionals are proud to work

Successful firms are now looking at how they attract and nurture people with the mindset and ideas to develop lasting relationships and create value over the long-term.

SwissGulf Supply Chain

Increasingly, traditional approaches cannot overcome the obstacles faced by logistics service providers. The competencies and organization required to optimize global supply chains are completely different from those needed to provide traditional transport services while minimizing direct costs.

Successful groups look to reflect this during their recruitment and growth periods in order to ensure the correct people are in the correct positions.

SwissGulf Retail/Wholesale

Increasingly, retail and wholesale in the MENA region is expanding year on year. With international groups looking to expand in the region, recruitment is on a high across various functions and will continue to grow in the coming few years.

The retail sector is the second largest industry in the GCC region and forecast for 2015 has identified Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE as the most dynamic markets with the highest potential in the region. Retail Recruitment is at the forefront of business, as latest fashion trends indicate strong influence in the consumer goods market.

SwissGulf Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate and Construction are core industries across the UAE and labour requirements are ever growing throughout the region. In recent years there has been a boom in both industries and the region is now competing in the global market and attracting talent from around the globe. All the indications are that this trend is set to increase significantly over the next three years.

Therefore successful companies are focusing on the importance of proactively managing talent. Recruiting, rewarding and retaining top talent is vital across the industries.

SwissGulf Healthcare Services

Healthcare companies face dramatic changes in customer behavior, market dynamics and regulatory demands. Successful companies need to deliver better value for patients whilst fueling innovation and reducing the cost and complexity of operating systems. Recruitment plans should be structured with this in mind and working with a qualified and experienced team will ensure that briefs and end goals are achieved.

SwissGulf Aviation & Defence

During this period, global growth has shifted away from the US and Europe to Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and emerging markets. Again, recruiting experienced talent that is able to move locations and develop the long term goal should be a priority of any successful company in this field.

SwissGulf Technology & Communications

Running and operating software, hardware and technology service businesses requires long-term vision and adaptability. Technology companies face daunting and sometimes contradictory challenges, in keeping ahead of market advances, recruiting with this long-term vision in mind is where successful companies separate themselves from their market competitors.

SwissGulf Energy, Oil & Gas

Declining reserves and increased consumption, regulation changes, economic power, regional political instability and environmental concerns in recent years have made it a requirement for companies to focus on long-term technological advances in fossil-fuel alternatives, including nuclear, battery, and wind and water power. Successful companies are focusing their attentions on attracting innovative leadership and talent. In order to emerge as leaders, recruiting and developing qualified scientists and engineers should be a priority in order to achieve the technological developments needed to be competitive within this evolving market.

SwissGulf FMCG

FMCG has been one of the largest sectors globally and one of the fastest growing sectors spearheading economic growth in the region. Special focus has been given to penetrate into emerging/ developing markets.

Organisations from the Gulf to Middle Eastcountries across the globe are hitting hard to recruit the best workforce. Recognising the potential the FMCG sector has as a key growing industry, SwissGulf Partners see this as an opportunity to focus and invest in these sectors regionally.

SwissGulf Hospitality

Regionally the boom in Hospitality and Tourism is nowhere more evident than in Dubai. The industry not only dominates the market within the city but shows no sign of slowing over the next 12 month period. With new projects due for handover in the later part of 2015, large scale recruitment into the industry is being undertaken by some of the largest groups in the industry globally.

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