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The recruitment industry in the Middle East is certainly a difficult one to navigate. With no official body to govern its ethics and protocols, basically anyone who can operate a laptop and a phone can look to capitalize from virtually every market practicing in the region. The promise of a big name firm does not necessarily ensure that the service will be of the caliber you would expect in the UK, Europe or Australasia.

With the market gaining momentum each day it is attracting more people to the region and equally companies are needing to strengthen their teams to capitalize. This all sounds very encouraging but with any surge in opportunity comes its equal in problems. Over eight years ago I arrived in Dubai. In my first week of working in a recruitment company it was made very clear to me that integrity was not the key value to billing fees and to make matters worse it was encouraged. The day that I was introduced to a gentleman who would become my biggest client, his response was clear and concise; “not another flesh peddler!” From this moment on I have done everything possible to change this image of a recruitment consultant.

The solution was simple and we at Taylor Sterling are driven by it. Guided by three strict values of integrity, accountability and transparency is what sets us apart from the rest. We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and candidates and do what we are here to do, consult rather than sell. We wouldn’t expect any of our clients to employ anyone we wouldn’t employ ourselves nor would we expect our candidates to work for an employer we wouldn’t work for ourselves.

The key to becoming a client’s best kept secret is understanding who they are, where they want to be, what they need to get there and what we can do to ensure you do everything in your power to help they get there. Provide a cost effective and equally as important a time effective solution while protecting them from the market. The key to growing a strong candidate network is to understand that you play a very big part in the lives of individual and their families. Informing of the good and the bad while being there to guide them through the entire process and most importantly, support thereafter.

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