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Posted by Karen Thornalley

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Whether married, single or partnered, a lot of women share your interest for travel, and who want to discover amazing destinations but sometimes may not want to travel alone. And why should you or any woman have to travel alone or join any ordinary tour when you can join a travel club just for likeminded ladies like yourself?


Today’s woman is emancipated and would like to broaden her horizons. She seeks to travel to different destinations. However, sometimes friends and family are unable join her for whatever reason. When faced with this problem, she can either stay at home or join a group of women who are just as motivated as her to travel. Imagine traveling with a small group of women who share the same interest and excitement about a particular vacation destination. Imagine the fun, the laughter, the new friendships, and the unforgettable memories.


1. Cheaper than traveling on your own – GROUP LEVERAGE! 2. Personalized, "INSIDER" Local Experiences 3. Make New Friends and share exotic travel experiences 4. Almost Everything Handled for You – No Worry, No Hassle – Just land up at the starting point


What age or physical shape should I be in? Our tours are meant for ladies who are at least moderately fit . Most ladies who join us are anywhere from 25- 70 years of age.

Who will be my traveling companions? Our tour members are 25 and above. They can be married / single or partnered. Mothers and daughters, sisters, friends and co-workers sometimes join us as a pair. Many women travel alone because their spouses/companions don't like to or don't have time for travel. Our tours offer a sense of camaraderie, a supportive environment, and special features designed just for women, and one of the advantages of our tours is that you will make new travel friends. Many women come back with friends they made on prior trips.

How big are your tours? Our tours are limited to 10 - 20 participants. . We limit the number of women on our tours so we can maintain a friendly atmosphere during the journey, and so that everyone gets individual attention. We want you to feel like you are traveling with a group of friends, which you can't experience on typical large (50 - 60 people) tour groups.

How's the accommodation We book boutique hotels, three and four star superior. Safety of location and reputation of the hotel are our prime considerations. Rates are on a twin sharing basis. We pair ladies according to common interests. If you don't wish to share a room, the cost will be higher.

What should I expect from the trip? You will discover historical gems, unspoiled nature, but you will also be pampered so you can truly rest, rejuvenate and get in touch with your mind and spirit. We limit the number of participants, so you will receive personal attention and have the ultimate travel experience. The small group travel feels like traveling with like-minded friends.

Where are you based out of? We are based out of Dubai, UAE but women from any part of the world are free to join as the tour starts at the destination country, where you will be met on arrival by our representative and taken to the hotel where you will meet your fellow travel companions.

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