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If you are a British Expat living and working outside of the UK, or an international client looking for UK or Overseas property, finding a mortgage may at first glance appear confusing and time consuming.

You may also think that because you are an expatriate or foreign national, there’s a shortage of interested lenders to match your mortgage requirements. Well, there are lots of options for you to consider.

Largemortgageloans.com endeavour to keep the process as simple as possible. We also provide a large choice of available mortgage products and lenders that are totally familiar with your lending requirements and circumstances.

Our clients have used our services to access UK and Overseas mortgage lenders for amounts ranging from £150k to over £25m to purchase property to let, investment property, UK and overseas property.

Largemortgageloans.com can provide access to over 50 different lenders who are willing to accept applications from British Expatriates, international clients and foreign nationals looking for UK and Overseas Mortgages.

We specialize in arranging large mortgages in the UK. Call us now on 020 7519 4900 to discuss your requirements, click the button below to get a quote or download our brochure

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