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With a classic stifling climate, Dubai can succeed as the warmest trip destinations in the globe. The city's climate bounces across mostly two periods of hot and arid seasons and cool windy winters. This makes Dubai an outstanding purpose for travelers from countries all over the world. It is, however, important to remain updated on the weather Dubai has to offer.

In terms of weather, Dubai largely offers dry summers and cool winters with little rain in between. Starting in April, summer is usually warm and sticky with temperatures soaring to as much as 39 C. between June and October, temperatures can rise to 42 C and this is the time when tourists limit their trips into the city. Sandstorms are a common existence too here, particularly between the months of May and July. Rain is also expected at this time of the season although it is highly uneven.

In order to avoid the harsh climate of Dubai or beat the heat, travelers usually spend their days in centrally air-conditioned malls or in water-based theme parks like Yas World or Atlantis, both of which are the main tourist attractions of the city.

In November and December, the city of Dubai enjoys autumn of sorts with temperatures falling to less than 30 C. It is usually at this time that Dubai weather reports prediction rain. The weather is quite agreeable and cool in these two months and tourist visits to the city also witness a sharp increase as a result. January and February are the wettest months of the year with temperatures dropping to as low as 22 C.

The climate of Dubai is not always hot and humid. Between the months of January and March, temperature can drop to as low as 15 C and this provide much relief from the typical hot and arid climate that is mostly prevalent during the summers. This is the time when tourists visiting the city from all over the world witness an unprecedented rise. Rainfall is another important feature of the winter season and is frequent and reasonable throughout the season.

Dubai's weather bears resemblance to any other city located in the middle of the desert. Despite having a mostly hot and humid climate, the city offers tourists an abundance of tourist destinations and recreation centers to beat the heat. It is nevertheless important to have a proper Dubai weather forecast before visiting the Vegas of Asia.

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