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Best Hotel Deals in Dubai


Dubai City Guide

Living in Dubai can be quite costly, especially if you don't know your way around the city. If you frequently travel to Dubai, you would know how difficult it is to find cheap accommodation in the city. The metropolis boasts not just an array of world's leading 7-star hotels but also modern and state-of-the-art high-rise apartments. These, however, come at a price tag that few can afford. Hence, it is wise to do your research on the best hotel deals in Dubai before checking in. While five-star hotels in Dubai offer the best service by far, they are quite costly, charging as much as AED 1200 at times. Some of the top-tier international hotel brands charge even more and this makes accommodation outrageously costly for tourists. There are, however, several cheaper options too that are available and these can help you tremendously if you are looking to economize a little on your trip to Dubai.

Despite the boom in tourism, you can find a number of hotels in Dubai that offer economical rates. One such hotel is Avari Dubai which offers rooms at only AED 800 to 900 for a night. Of course, apartments are even cheaper at around AED 5000 to AED 8000 for an entire month. However, apartments mostly require a down payment as well as a security deposit and are usually booked for at least a month. Hence, you will, in fact, find it more expensive if you are in Dubai on a relatively short trip.

Another option for people looking for a cheap accommodation is a studio apartment. These are readily available and have become quite popular over the years, especially among immigrants traveling on short trips to Dubai to apply for jobs and give interviews. A studio apartment is a single-room apartment, comprising of a living room, kitchen, and bedroom. These are readily available for around AED 3500 a month.

Apart from this, there are numerous other options that you can avail if you plan to stay in Dubai for more than a month. Some hotels also offer rooms on a sharing basis and this is a little easy on the pocket because the rent is shared by both the guests. If you are looking for the best deals in Dubai hotels but also have the nagging habit of budgeting your expenses, this is the most economical option for you in Dubai.

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