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Real Estate Scenario – Dubai

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With the rise of the real estate industry the world over, the price of property across the globe has appreciated considerably. In Dubai, property prices have virtually sky-rocketed in the last two decades and investors from all around the world have shown a keen interest in the region as a result. Not every investment is lucrative however and the same rule of thumb applies to the Dubai realty market. Hence, it is wise to understand some of the tricks of the trade if you plan to buy property in Dubai.

Dubai's real estate market is booming and realty dealers from across the globe have seen the untapped potential of the market. Dera district of Dubai has seen the most development over the years and it boasts some of the well-planned neighborhoods. As a result, property prices have soared high here. Another region that promises lucrative investments is the Sheikh Zayed strip which boasts some of the most beautiful collection of modern skyscrapers in the world that host 5-star residential apartments as well as state-of-the-art offices.

Buying property in Dubai is no easy task. On the contrary, it is mostly a tedious and exhausting ordeal that requires much time as well as patience. Local brokers and real estate agents are a good avenue to ask for help, particularly for those who are new to the markets and do not know their way around. These brokers have an in-depth knowledge of the markets and offer the best deals in Dubai property, charging their clients a nominal fee for their services. This is a convenient option for those seeking a good deal without having to waste time and effort to go through a lot of trouble.

Another option is to look out for advertisements that are posted in newspapers. These newspapers serve as the perfect platform for marketing the various housing projects that are going on in the city. Any interested person may simply contact the dealers directly and schedule a meeting to visit the advertised property. A major benefit of directly contacting the customer is that the middleman (broker) is entirely eliminated from the loop. Hence, both the buyer as well as seller of the property do not have to pay the commission fee.

Dubai's property boom is a success story. Though prices are high, you can get the best deals in Dubai property if you know how to go about the process. Estate agents and brokers act as middlemen who promise to find you your dream home. However, you may not always see eye to eye with the commission fee they charge and may rather prefer the do-it-yourself road.

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