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Teaching is indeed a noble profession. Over the years, the field of pedagogy has undergone a paradigm shift with a greater focus on immersive learning through the use of interactive lessons. Today, teaching is a profession that not only pays well but also promises a proper career. In Dubai, teaching jobs are frequently advertised in the classifieds. However, you need to belong to a certain 'pedigree' to apply for the best positions or institutes. Here, we provide you with a walk through on how to apply for a teaching job in Dubai.

When searching for a good well-paid teaching job in Dubai, it is imperative that you keep in mind your strengths. Teachers need to have specialization in a certain field and this partly determines what their salary package will be as a teacher. Disciplines like accounts and finance are the most highly rewarded, mainly because demand for such teachers is much higher while supply is limited. This means that, as a finance or accounts teacher, the rewards will be tremendous.

Science is also a popular subject among students seeking tuitions. Teachers who have specialized in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Sociology or any other branch of science can also secure a teaching job in Dubai that pays well. In fact, at the high school level, teachers who specialize in these subjects earn more than other more popular disciplines like accounting and finance. Teachers specializing in these subjects are also in demand in junior schools that emphasize on a well-rounded education curriculum.

Salaries are handsome in the teaching profession. However, once again, how much you earn every month depends on your experience. Teachers with more than five years of experience as a professional full-time teacher can earn as much as AED 18000/- while those having ten to fifteen years of professional experience can enjoy a pay of AED 25000/-. Another factor that determines how much you will earn as a teacher is where you have taught before. For instance, if you have taught in schools or universities in the west, or in a highly reputed educational institution of international standard, you will naturally be well compensated for your services.

Dubai is the land of opportunities just as America was until a decade ago. With tremendous influx of migrants from all around the world, the market of Dubai presents immense scope for a promising and rewarding career as a teacher. If you are planning to move to Dubai, teaching could be the perfect job for you.

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