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Traffic offences in Dubai


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Traffic rules are practically the same all around the world. However, how well they are enforced upon citizens is what makes one particular country or city different from another. In Dubai, observing traffic rules is just not enough - you must know them like the back of your hand. Traffic offences in Dubai are uncommon and the city boasts one of the lowest incidents of traffic violations in the world. This is partly because Dubai traffic regulations require you to clear a stringent and meticulous driving test before you are even allowed to drive a car in public. This driving test not only measures your driving skills but also makes sure you know all the traffic regulations. After you successfully pass the test, there is an array of traffic regulations that you must familiarize yourself with.

Speed thrills but it also kills! Dubai's traffic regulations place great emphasis on speed and if you enjoy driving across Dubai, it is essential to follow the speed limit if you don't wish to get into trouble. Speeding, suddenly changing lanes, or even tail-gating are serious traffic offences in Dubai and will warrant a hefty fine that can amount to several hundreds of dirhams. And if you think you can try and cheat your way out of the system by evading the cops, you couldn't be more mistaken. This is because along all the roads of Dubai, high-resolution cameras have been fitted at regular intervals and these are able to capture high definition images of speeding cars. These cameras are connected with a state-of-the-art speed gun that is triggered by a speeding car. What is more amazing is that these cameras even have night vision mode which allows the cops to monitor the traffic even when ambient light is low.

Another major and little known traffic offence in Dubai that takes many foreigners by surprise is that you are not permitted to play loud music while driving. In 2009, a foreigner was actually pulled over for listening to loud music and upon violent protests, he was arrested and jailed. There have been many similar incidents since, some of them even involving well-known businessmen who were simply unaware of this bizarre traffic regulation. Some drivers are even fined for tinting their windows black because traffic cops are unable to ascertain if the car poses any threat to security. Slowly and gradually, however, citizens have accepted the security risks associated with tinting their windows black and have therefore complied with the traffic regulation banning the same.

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