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American international schools in Dubai

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british schools in Dubai

Dubai education

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Education in Dubai

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International Baccalaureate

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international schools in Dubai


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taaleem school in Dubai

A good education is like a strong foundation for the mind; the deeper the foundations the higher your child will soar. In this competitive day and age where children no longer have to compete with their peers but an entire global generation, it is imperative to give them the head start that will ensure their success in any field they choose.

Taaleem Dubai, vows to do just that. Taaleem is the second largest education provider in the UAE that caters education from nursery to secondary school and provides a range of international curricula to choose the one that best suits your child’s individual ability and the path you seek for them.Taaleem is dedicated to honing individuals who can compete on the global stage with confidence as successful, responsible leaders.

Spoiled for Choice

Taaleem operates under many banners. The Children’s Garden preschools follow the International Curriculum for Languages and Creative Arts (ICLCA) for a customized multi-lingual early childhood experience that will equip them with a strong language base.

Al-Mizhar American Academy is the equivalent of American international schools in Dubai.  American curriculum for parents wishing to send their children to the USA for further studies or who believe their child will thrive in that school environment. Dubai British Foundation/School is the go-to option for British schools in Dubai while Greenfield Community School, Jumeirah Baccalaureate School, and Uptown School are the best for International Baccalaureate in Dubai.

Committed to Education

Founded in 2004 by the Beacon Education, Taaleem was set up to meet the growing demand and need for an internationally viable education system in the UAE as the region’s population continues to grow. Because the demand is for international education in Dubai, Taleem is committed to:

  • Equipping children in the region holistically with the skills, knowledge and character to compete globally
  • Offering a comprehensive range of outstanding international curricula
  • Designing, building and managing the best educational facilities
  • Creating and implementing benchmark educational initiatives
  • Nurturing educational excellence through the attraction, retention and development of the best educators
  • Continuously evaluating and improving standards across our schools
  • Establishing our schools as valued cornerstones of their communities

More Then Book Learning

Unlike most schools in Dubai, Taaleem has a well-rounded focus on education. It provides opportunities outside the box for young learners and encourages education in all fields, be they science, literature or even sport.

E-Sports: Taaleem is closely associated with E-Sports the leading sports management and coaching company in the UAE. The benefit of sports in a school environment are countless and undeniable. Sports teach children teamwork, problem solving and greater focus in hands on way that book learning can sometimes not.

Taaleem Poetry Award: Encouraging young poet laureates and a greater interest in the arts Taaleem hosts and annual poetry competition in association with the Emirates Literary Festival to encourage and recognize young talent and hone it for the future.

Eton College Summer School: Selected students from the Taaleem schools are offered the opportunity to attend a residential summer school at Eton College. A once in a lifetime experience the students can immerse in the world of English culture, learn from the great minds of the faculty at Eton as well as garner education beyond their current syllabus.

International Baccalaureate Workshops: The best thing to do with a good education is to spread it as far and wide as is possible. Taaleem offers IB workshops to impart the knowledge of teaching this program so more teachers can inspire more students towards a brighter future.

Dedicated to education since 2004, Taaleem has changed the face of education in the UAE and is a safe bet as far as your child’s education is concerned.

For more information please contact : bbuche@taaleem.ae

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