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Recruitment companies in Dubai have seen the best and the worst of global market trends. Beginning in the late 90s, and all the way down to present day, they have survived both the influx of human resource when times were good and the exodus of human resource when times were bad. So what keeps these companies going? And more importantly, what keeps the employees of these companies going, who are constantly on the look-out for other employees.

Associations, for example, Sapphire Recruitment Consultants are amongst the leading businesses in Dubai amongst any industry, and there's no backing off soon.

The straightforward answer is client base. From retail outlets, to restaurants to development to lawyers, job recruitment in Dubai is a world in its own, high octane activity, nail gnawing show and a definitive climactic end to all agreements and contracts.

It was nothing really

According to a recent online source, jobs in Dubai are amongst the easiest to find in the Middle East region, and Dubai is one of the best cities in the world for entrepreneurs. A vibrant and modern city that boasts both the world’s tallest skyscraper and a thriving nightlife at street level, Dubai is a popular destination for young professionals as well as experienced professionals who are looking for the next big challenge.

The main five qualities enrollment specialists look for are:

  • Communication skills in English
  • Brilliant management skills
  • Professionals with an understanding of marketing/public relations
  • Ability to work with a team
  • Innovative and new ideas for boosting business and visibility

While Dubai has seen its share of financial and economic meltdowns, it is consistently one of the most stable and reliable markets in which to live and work. Whether you’re a bachelor or a bachelorette, a family person or part of a regional team that operates remotely, jobs in Dubai offer something for everyone. The most important quality for would be Dubai-based employees to have is the ability to work hard, be sharp and enjoy what they do.

The long hard day

Situated close to the equator, Dubai is one of the hottest places on earth. Both metaphorically and when it comes to jobs in Dubai. Once nowhere near the popularity of local competitors like Kuwait and Riyadh, today Dubai is the number one place in the Arabian Peninsula to look for a job, with over half of all job applications for the region opting to apply in Dubai.

Sapphire Recruitment Consultants are amongst the few who understand the opportunities Dubai presents, and are quick on the draw when it comes to picking out candidates for suitable jobs. All year round, companies are in the process of hiring, and job recruitment in Dubai is the most popular reason for expats to visit the city.

At any given point in the year, industries in Dubai are actively working to expand their own client base. Shopping malls are filled to the brim, hotels and restaurants are constantly in communication with their suppliers and the construction boom booms all year round. That means customer services, manpower and experts are required to fulfill positions, make decisions and constantly be on the look out to minimize and seal loose ends.

And after a long hard day at the office or on the road, there is nothing that compares to the relaxation, nightlife and social scene in Dubai. Which, as it happens, also requires people to work. From multiplexes to cafes to recreational outlets, no city in the world can compare to the multicultural and multifaceted lifestyle that Dubai provides.

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