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Low Oil Prices Can Effect Recruitment in Dubai



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Oil prices dropped in 2016, so salaries are expected to be lower than any other time recorded in the past 10 years.

With higher costs due to inflation, professionals will face a squeeze in their budgets while the wage graph stays unchanged. A recent study show how the salary increases for employees may land at 5.2 percent, which is a little lower than 5.7 percent that was enjoyed in 2015.

This paints a picture of how Dubai may well witness a shortage of jobs in the market, leading to companies finding it difficult to hire the best possible workforce for their organization. Employers will turn to recruiting companies in Dubai, such as Sapphire Recruitment, to filter out the best skill set from the cluttered economy.

Recruitment Issues for Employers

Even with lower oil prices, the economy of the UAE holds firm ground and can survive the inflation gap by using its reserve to fulfill the investments needed to keep the country running. This gives employers hope to hold onto their best talents until the economy flourishes again and they are able to increase the pay rate. But they also fear the fact that if the oil price variation persists, then they might lose their best talent to the hands of their competitors. With a tumbling economy in sight, companies have no choice but to announce a workforce cut and keep only those professionals who have the skill set that employers need to survive.

Recruitment Firms for Employers

Along with lower pay rises, the recruitment process has simultaneously fallen short of activity. Reports state how employers have downsized their companies so that they can meet their salary budgets with other operational expenses.

Surprisingly employers have enjoyed the opportunity to hire a pool of better, more refined, talent of skills through the help of recruiting companies in Dubai. With a more crowded job market and limited vacancies, employers were able to hire talent in payrolls they could not normally afford. Hiring a recruitment firm makes it possible to safely undergo a replacement process rather than hiring candidates through a screening process.

Top Recruitment Consultants in Dubai

To find the best talents on the market to work for them, employers have turned the tables towards many recruitment companies in Dubai. These recruitment firms are experts in screening out the top candidates that will fit in to your organizational environment. Amongst the top recruitment consultants in Dubai, Sapphire Recruitment is a prominent name with a proven track record of providing the best skillets for an employer’s requirements.

A mistake in hiring the wrong candidate can cost employers time and money, something they can ill afford to do in this unstable economy. To ensure that professionals are screened properly and only the best are picked out,Sapphire Recruitment follows a detailed process of recruitment and hiring consultancy.

The search and select process of the top recruitment consultant in Dubai, offers employers a promise to deliver what’s best for them.

Here is a brief list of what Sapphire Recruitment will provide;

  • Professional service with long-term client satisfaction
  • Management team with over 28 years of experience in recruitment
  • Finding candidates that will add value to your team
  • Thorough screening process

For more information please Visit :- sapphirerecruitment.ae

For more information please contact - sheila@sapphirerecruitment.ae

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