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Buying Yachts in Dubai


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Jules Verne, the famous adventure novelist, once said: “The Sea is only the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence.”

While there is no doubt that what the sea has to offer is unique, the truth is that buying a boat is easier than you may think.  With plenty of boats and yachts for sale in Dubai, this is one indulgence you may care to pursue. Luxury yachts are the perfect getaway. Bobbing off the shores of Dubai or sailing a little further to Abu Dhabi and the surrounding coast lines seems the perfect way to spend your time relaxing. .

Bush and Noble Yacht Brokerage are experts in the field of buying yachts in Dubai. Their unique service not only ensures the purchase of a luxury boat in Dubai, but also extends to marine advice, maintenance and service and impartial guidance whenever required.

Freedom of The Sea

Before you make that brave decision and venture onto the high seas it is important to consider a few things that are crucial to a prospective yacht buyers:

  • Only 5% of the world’s wealthiest people own yachts
  • Fuel and maintenance costs can be higher for some yachts
  • Taxes are usually applied on the basis of the length per foot
  • Dockage fees in Dubai vary according to size
  • Safety equipment such as life jackets are vital
  • A good overall understanding of the maritime law or someone that does.

Of course, the list goes on, and so can the increase in cost. Buying a boat is one of the largest investments that many people will make. Do your homework and take as much advice as possible from those that know.

Bush and Noble is an experienced Dubai yacht consultancy firm leading the way in maritime assets listing a variety of yachts and boats for sale. Through dedication and relentless commitment, their roster now includes some of the best yacht deals in Dubai. Their dedication to providing a unique, exclusive service to yacht owners assures each customer that for such a luxurious item, you get the best value for money.

The yachting market in Dubai and the Gulf is still relatively new. A wide variety of followers are now proud owners of their palace on the water. From companies and royal family members to individual owners, every yacht owner in Dubai is as unique as the yachts themselves.

While you look for adventure off the coast of Dubai, the real preparation and readiness takes place on land, at the docks and amongst the professionals who dedicate their time, energy and resources to keeping your boat in the best possible condition.

The world stands divided today. There are large urban developments such as Dubai, New York and Singapore, and then there are traditional, exotic locations such as Santorini, Hawaii, and Thailand. While it’s easy to take your pick between natural landscapes and fortresses of steel and glass, the choice of venturing into the sea is unlimited. The benefits that the sea can provide are peerless in their charm, and as such are to be valued.

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