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The sun rises around 7 am and the first wave of commuters gather. The queues build up at traffic signals, taxi stands, bus stops and metro stations across Dubai. It is a weekday morning, and the city’s gears are starting to roll. In a city of 2 million people the important focus on the work day ahead kicks in. For the endless possibilities for a vibrant social scene, work must play an important part of what Dubai has to offer.

Where there is work to be done there will be ambitious entrepreneurs who want to set up a business of their own. Dubai business set ups are amongst the fastest growing and most successful in the world. Organizations like myOffice are dedicated to helping expat businesses in Dubai to find their footing, gain stability and reap the rewards of operating a business in Dubai.

With over 90% of the population coming from overseas, Dubai is a hotspot for emerging businesses and ventures that attract investors. From merchandizing to real estate development, it’s all here. Business opportunities in Dubai have attracted many people to the city, allowing for healthy competition, a phenomenal growth in the economy and a standard that has helped set the way business is conducted globally. 

The world is Your Oyster

Through its openness to businesses and trade, the Dubai economy has seen it all; from being an emerging market to developing into a global one, and then on to grow into market leaders. Today, the city boasts one of the highest numbers of business startups in the world.

Why, you might ask, does business in Dubai attract such a wide cross section from around the world? The answer is simple, its roots are etched deep within the history of the city itself and in the region as a whole. A traditionally commercial society, the methods may have changed, the landscape of business may have changed, but the fundamental way business is carried out has not. Any and all good business revolves around one simple formula: hard work and the drive to succeed. To find a need and connect it to a skill or a supply where that need is fulfilled. This singular notion has driven the real estate market, the oil market and all other businesses that have since followed suit.

From the world’s largest skyscraper in downtown Dubai, to the world’s largest mall, starting a business in Dubai revolves around the demand and supply formula. The city as a whole has mastered the art of providing good liaison services for global conglomerates across the region – making it a launch pad for global business giants. 

Right Place, Right Time

The crucial location of the United Arab Emirates, along with several large ports that the country can boast, has made it a hub for businessmen from across the Southeast Asian and North African business communities. More so, it has a success rate that was hitherto unparalleled. The high rises, the megamalls, the food courts, the constant traffic on public and private transportation all lead to one fact: the standards have been set, and they are being maintained.

New business setup in Dubai are now an achievable dream for many. With myOffice providing a safe, sound and foolproof platform for professionals your entry into the Dubai market and adjoining areas is just one boardroom meeting away.

For more information please contact :- hassan@myoffice.ae

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