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The Sky is No Longer the Limit


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Dubai has a reputation for decadence. It is the city where you socialize over diamond cocktails, relax while getting 24 karat gold facials, and can eat cupcakes made from liquid gold while you lounge on a private man-made island. It is also home to the tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa is a testament that the sky is no longer the limit. There are so many options in Dubai available for the consumers to get exclusive experiences, why should flying be any different?

Private Jet Charter are private jet brokers in Dubai. They offer luxury flights and private jets for rent in Dubai. Imagine the whole world open to you, and you don’t have to suffer a plane full of strangers. You can now rent luxury jets in Dubai and fly wherever your heart desires.

Deal With the Experts

Private Jet Charter has been a private jet broker in Dubai for over twenty years. They know the market well and have an expert knowledge of local regulations concerning private jet hire and luxury flights that go in and out of Dubai. They have many luxury flights and jets to choose from so clients can pick according to their budget and needs.

A varied list of clients who opt for private and luxury jets in Dubai range from business men, corporate leaders or maybe destination weddings. They expect more than just private jets for rent. Private Jet Charter recognizes that clients expect private jet brokers in Dubai to go over and beyond in their services to make sure the luxury flight experience is unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Private Jet Charter’s custom booking system is quick and easy, giving you the confidence that everything has been arranged, down to the smallest detail including:

  • Making arrangements through one dedicated broker
  • Providing all information in one, uncomplicated procedure
  • Receiving several quotes for easy comparison
  • Receiving a contract of the booking
  • Staying up to date with our pre-flight check list

Available Discounts on Empty Leg Flights

Private Jet Charter is unlike a regular commercial airline. With countless destinations on its roster, you can go anywhere you want on your luxury jet from Dubai. Since many destinations are one way, Private Jet Charter ends up having to fly empty jets back to their base in Dubai. So, to make the most of these flights, Private Jet Charter offers discounts on empty leg flights to any clients looking to go to Dubai on a private jet. These are great opportunities for those looking for inexpensive private flights. Last minute deals without compromising on the quality of service you get from a private jet to Dubai.

Empty leg flights can be easily accessed on the company’s website. They keep a detailed log of all expected empty leg flights for the coming week. You can schedule a trip to Dubai on these flights with the help of Private Jet Charter’s expert sales staff.

Spoiled for Choice

Private Jet Charter has four categories of jets that you can rent. They have small jets, mid-size jets, large jets and VIP jets. You can also chose the make and model of the jet that you would like to hire, as well as take an online tour of the interior to make a well-informed choice. The options are endless.

So live a little, and have the experience of a life time. At Private Jet Charter, luxury is guaranteed.

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For more information please contact : jets@privatejetcharter.ae

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