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Thomas Homes is a UK based property consultancy in Dubai that has over thirty years’ experience in the real estate market. They are led by the most experienced and respected industry professionals both in the GCC and Internationally.

Thomas Homes strives to keep its clients up to date with constant shifts in global and local real estate market trends.


This is especially relevant to expats. Relocation has become a very real part of the current job market. The world has become a global village and jobs which weren’t easily accessible three decades ago are up for grabs for people who live in other countries. Dubai has a small local population, most of its workers are expats from around the world. All these people require relocation services, to move their families and homes into Dubai.

Thomas Homes provides relocation services from across the globe as well as local help and advice on the availability of houses and apartments to rent in Dubai. An official Eura Worldwide Member Thomas Home services include:

  • Complete Relocation Assistance Package
  • Property Search
  • Education Support
  • Orientation
  • Immigration Services
  • Departure Services

Corporate Housing

Because the Dubai property market is constantly under development, building developers and construction industries need housing for their workers. Many corporations like to offer employees accommodation as part of their package, and corporate housing is a cost-effective way to cover this need.

Thomas Home Corporate Housing department takes care of cost-effective tailored solutions for your housing needs. A fluctuating rental market, coupled with a high number of staff moving to the region can make it hard to determine where and how to house your employees. Thomas Homes’ corporate housing team provides the knowledge and expertise when searching for housing and placing tenant profiles in the most appropriate locations.

Real Estate Property Management

Dubai property is one of the best real estate commodities money can buy; many firms offering property consultancy in Dubai can confirm that. So for clients seeking to expand their property portfolio in the Middle East look no further than Thomas Homes.

The business model of the property management division is synonymous to the Thomas Homes Group ethos, to provide transparent solutions, incorporating ethics and a high degree of integrity. With these combined qualities, along with extensive experience in this field, they ensure your portfolio is managed efficiently and professionally.

A pro-active approach to management ensures void periods are kept to a minimum, occupancy rates remain high and your properties are maintained to a high level. Their offered services include:

  • Maintenance management
  • Tenants Complaint Management
  • Arrears Management
  • Annual Inspection Report
  • Property Handover
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Increases

So if you’re looking for a property consultancy in Dubai that knows what it’s doing, look no further than Thomas Homes. They will serve you right.

For more information please Visit :- http://thomashomesuae.com

For more information please contact : daniel.t@thomashomesuae.com

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