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The Importance of Lawyers in Dubai



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We all know the picture of Dubai that the media portrays. The luxurious lifestyle, the larger than life construction projects, and the boundless retail businesses that the city is famous for.

What we don’t hear about are the Dubai law firms, and the lawyers who work for them. The government rules set for citizens are equally applicable to all, regardless of race, religion, nationality and financial background.

The question arises: what makes the Dubai authorities, and those of the United Arab Emirates, so staunch in their legal stance?

Dubai law has been one of the cornerstones of the society’s development and growth. Today, the reason why the city stands as a beacon for a cultural hub, is because of the legal structure of the country.

Two million citizens of Dubai are expats. Many of which come from countries and societies where the law does not always work perfectly. Hence it’s a crucial matter for them to understand the boundaries of legal rights, within which they can actively live and work. Professional lawyers such as James Berry Associates are experts in handling all legal cases.

Legal limits in Dubai 

The law for expats in Dubai is the same for those of local nationality. Aside from the implementation of traffic rules, which every citizen inadvertently comes into contact with. There are a myriad of facets in the Dubai legal framework.

Through the strict implementation of law in Dubai, the city has grown to be a popular destination for citizens from around the world. James Berry Associates proves to be the perfect advisor for those in need of help and advice when circumstances may dictate the need for a specialist lawyer. The system has been immensely successful, even though there are always those who create some semblance of controversy. While citizens within Dubai enjoy a stress free, respectful lifestyle, foreign media has not always been kind to the Dubai legal system. 

The way of the world 

United Arab Emirates has always faced reports regarding its strict legal systems. Despite these reports, from the global media, the authorities have stood their ground. James Berry Associates have been at the forefront of providing a great legal service. They illustrate what knowledge, talent and an unflinching commitment to the law in Dubai can accomplish. With nearly three decades of experience in the country, they are amongst the leading law firms in Dubai, employing many experts across an array of specialist disciplines.

To keep Dubai safe, and to maintain its position as a popular destination for both workers and tourists, Dubai law firms are to be acknowledged. Its because of their expertise, we can enjoy the sense of freedom, security and peace of mind when living here in Dubai.

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