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Money Saving Tips for International Travel


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As summer approaches, people all around the world are gearing up for a fun-filled vacation. Deciding on potential destinations that will provide them with an experience of a lifetime. One of the main concerns when it comes to planning your holiday is cost!

The single most important factor, in deciding whether we end up vacationing in Ibiza or at the local public pool, is the availability of money.

FC Exchange and International Money

FC Exchange believes in offering you the best possible exchange rates available in the daily market place. You are guaranteed to face exchange costs while drawing cash internationally, whether its trade or travel!

FC Exchange buys directly from wholesale markets. They can offer you savings that are 5% bigger than any other money exchange service in the market place. Register with them for a long lasting relationship plus the best customer support for that perfect start to your holiday experience.

Saving Money by Transfers and Exchange

Fortunately, FC Exchange has provided hundreds of experienced travelers with some great advice on saving your money while taking an international trip.

Save money on transfers

If you are not careful, you can end up losing some of your hard-earned money at the hands of crooked foreign exchange dealers. It is always advisable to do some market research on the best dealers available. FC Exchange is a London based company offering the most competitive rates in the market.

Research the destination and its currency

A lot of people going on vacation don’t bother to learn about the place they are travelling to or the currency used. There are many smartphone apps that can guide you, providing details about the cheaper options available at your holiday destination and information on where to go to withdraw the money you need at a competitive exchange rate.

Carrying Cash during Travel

Our advice would be to hold a moderate amount of cash. Looking for ATMs can be hectic and can cost you unexpected charges. In cases like these having money transferred from your home city may seem too tricky. FC Exchange provides a solution for money to be transferred intercity or internationally, this facility is easier than you think!

Saving Money with sensible Spending

Here are some additional tips and advice on how to save your money by spending less;

Be careful when dinning out.

Lunches are, on average, cheaper than dinners. So have a hearty meal during the day and a more casual local meal in the evening.

Public Transport

Buses, metros and railcars are usually a great option. If you have the luxury of time, choose slower modes of transports they can be a lot cheaper.


Book early. This rule applies to almost every place on your trip that requires a ticket. Booking early for trips to the theatre. Museums may allow you to save on ticket costs too. Search the local papers for available offers on sightseeing trips. The key is to do plenty of research and always shop around.

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