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Starting a Business in the UAE: Complete Business Consultancy Guide

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Complete Business Consultancy Guide

Although starting a new business venture can be an exciting time. Most startup gurus today suggest that ventures must not only have a lead innovator but also a team advising that lead innovator. Companies like Sovereign Group are making an impact in the business life of many new companies.

Dubai has been a hub for world trade for some time now, and it is fast becoming a hotspot for entrepreneurs. The region offers huge potential for growth and its global visibility means that it has become a most favored location for businesses to thrive.

Sovereign Group can offer a complete business advisory service and will be there for you every step of the way no matter what challenges might be ahead. The services comprise of tailor-made solutions, valuable market insights and world-class research methodologies. With over 12000 structures and a combined value of $5 Billion under asset management, Sovereign Group has the firepower and the experience to make sure that your venture not only survives but thrives as well.

Here are some tips.

  1. Always make sure that your business contracts are written and signed. Verbal agreements can so often be misconstrued at a later date. You may feel that forcing someone to get into a written contract may be too hard pressing but it is important to understand that it is necessary for the viability of your business to move forward with true clarity.
  2. Find sponsors. Local partners can always be a great help, they have their own network of contacts and have valuable knowledge about a market you may know little about
  3. It is good practice to ensure that you meet all visa requirements. Nothing can be more annoying than petty hiccups, so make sure all the “I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed”.
  4. While the UAE does have some tough requirements for businesses, the free-zones are much more venture-friendly. Requirements include one-time payments for registration fees, and a licensing charge.
  5. All your decisions must be made keeping in mind your overall business strategy and objectives. Follow your instincts.
  6. Location is very important. The right location will allow the management to achieve its objectives

Sovereign Group can provide all the information you need to help kick start your business.

For more information please Visit :- www.sovereigngroup.com

For more information please contact :- jbowers@sovereigngroup.com

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