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With the constant rise in Dubai’s economic strength, retail outlets and business development, accounts consultancies such as Kingston Smith are busy with a full portfolio of clients. Keeping an eagle eye on all aspects of their client’s accountancy concerns.

But being an accountant in Dubai is so much more than just balancing the sheets and disbursing payments. The responsibilities also include:

  • Corporate financing
  • Auditing
  • Fundraising
  • Forensic accounting
  • Financial planning
  • Recovery and insolvency
  • Mergers and acquisitions

In a city like Dubai, which is a hub for not only the Arabian Gulf but also large businesses across the North African and Southeast Asian belt, the numbers have to add up. As a financial hub both regionally and globally, the city is responsible for a lot of the allocation of funds for regional development projects across a plethora of industries and countries. From Emaar’s presence in India to the regional headquarters of one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, Dubai accounts consultancy firms have the privilege of being the front-line for the safe and efficient management of funds, tallying the accounts and ensuring that all matters of finance are carried out within the boundaries of the law.

Where the Numbers Add Up

Growth and stability are primarily indicated through the numbers that a company have at the end of their fiscal year. With the wide range of businesses and enterprises set up in the city, accountants in Dubai bear the responsibility of providing specialized, detailed and knowledge based services that keeps both the clients and authorities satisfied. Sometimes, that includes services at every stage of an organization – be it sundry expenses on stationary and equipment to the company owned jet plane and even an overall assessment of the company’s financial health; resources versus liabilities.

Dubai accountants are crucial for expanding organizations from other countries. European fashion brands, American automobile manufacturers, franchises from South Africa and Canada, each rely heavily on accountants and financial experts for price regulation, legal documentation and clearance to operate a business that provides a healthy ground for competition and growth.

Maths, not Magic

With the Dubai market being crowded with businesses of all natures, and one of the largest hubs for business start ups, Kingston Smith Accounting have a plate full of not only future opportunities, but also of already established clients that have a global presence. That means being in constant touch with accounting firms from around the world, to ensure the sum of all parts is in order.

There will come a time when some of your responsibilities and financial burdens will require the advice of an expert. Kingston Smith are here to help.

For more information please Visit :- www.kingstonsmith.co.uk

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