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How to be a Successful Female Entrepreneur


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Owning a business is not everybody’s goal! It requires plenty of effort, passion and determination to start a business and turn it into a success. Women entrepreneurs with their zeal and dream of becoming successful is unmatched. Women owned businesses are thriving in the market place, based on bright ideas with an innate personality, especially when we talk about the fashion industry.

Women entrepreneurs are consistently building successful businesses that keep appearing in the markets of Dubai, adding value and innovative products for the consumer. Female entrepreneurs are stepping into the spotlight. Nonprofit organization like the Dubai Business Women’s Council assist and motivate women to start up their own businesses. This organization works as a helping hand to develop business, create better business plans and keep high levels of motivation for the dream of running a successful business.

Dubai Business Women Council has been built by top women in business, where everyone believes in the power of a brilliant business idea and how it can be implemented. Anyone in the UAE can be a part of this non-profit council. Presenting their ideas to thousands of business women who can help provide a source of knowledge to become one of the top women in business - economically and financially

Women Owned Business:

Every successful company begins as a startup business where risks are high, capital is low and revenue building is the priority.

Despite the above, some women have risen to the challenge and stepped up to build a business beyond their original imagination.

There are many strategical factors that come into play when starting a business. The first step would be to pursue a business owned certification. Everyone needs to go through a certification process.

Dubai Business Women’s Council is well known for its knowledge in helping out women entrepreneurs in Dubai. They can provide you with clear cut information regarding your rights and available schemes through the government that may only be applicable because you are a business women.

A Successful Business Woman:

Apart from carving their names in the diaries of successful business women in Dubai, women have also proved to add innovative ideas providing their customers with new artful experiences and distinctive designs.

Although all women are great at generating beautiful product ideas to offer the world, implementing an ideas is not as easy as it may sound. Businesses should have a clear strategy with accompanying plans and valuable market research.

Dubai Business Women Council conducts workshops and educates women in paving a successful career. They aim to show women in Dubai how a successful brand can be created and launched in a successful way.

Here are some basic steps for starting a successful business;

  1. Find yourself a product that you are passionate about. Something that you love to do is what you will be best at doing.
  2. Get to know your strengths and weakness and try to use both to your advantage.
  3. Reach out to similar minded people, and share your thoughts as much as you can. The goal here is to be earnest as you march forward.
  4. Get your business certified.
  5. In a competitive market full of startups, you have to be aware of the capital required to get things going. Work attentively and learn to cope and deal with problems that may arise.

Dubai Business Women’s Council are here to support and guide you, so get in touch for the inspiration required for success.

For more information please Visit :- www.dbwc.ae

For more information please contact :- tania.ghoussainy@dubaichamber.com

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