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Sandra Saksena – Moderator at Boldtalks Woman 2016 – April 23rd


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"At BOLDtalks, we facilitate shared exploration towards greater understanding, connection, or possibility. We want to carry us all into new, deeper levels of understanding none of us could have foreseen. We want to open people’s minds and hearts to new ideas and new ways of thinking. Are you one of us?" Creators of Boldtalks  Tamer Nahas and Enida Mujanovic - Click here

As Moderator of Boldtalks Woman 2016 I had the pleasure of interacting with each speaker and a very appreciative interactive  audience.

I enjoyed my interaction with speaker Dr Rajesh Devassy the lone male speaker! He gave an informative presentation on Cervical Cancer (among other matters) and the impact on the quality of life on the emotional and physical for women diagnosed and treated for Cervical cancer when referred to as a Female Genital Mutilation victim –

Hibo Wardere rushes to correct the statement as a Female Genital Mutilation “survivor”. "FGM is barbaric form of controlling women and girls sexuality, I fight this gender and honor based violence against women and girls”. Ppeppered with humor she  touched the hearts of all. I dubbed her the Hurricane!!After she was 'cut' aged six, in her family home in Mogadishu, she asked her mother why she had been subjected to such brutality and was always denied a response.A mother of seven, full-time teaching assistant and now regular FGM educator of staff and pupils alike, she is on a mission to educate every secondary school student in the country on how to end the barbaric procedure for good.

Joumana Haddad's talked on the challenges that Arab women face and the meaning of womanhood in the Middle East, her discussion on her Award-winning book 'I killed Scheherazade' and hypocrisies of her culture was interesting and gave us an insights into what we ignore or accept.

Sara Masinaei's insightful presentation on the role of Arab women in the world of Art was informative Multi faceted Natasha Dahdaleh probably the only female arab drummer raised the vibrations of the energy in the room first thing in the morning with her drumming. Later her performance had everyone foot tapping and clapping. Her talk on her art and Hollywood (interaction with Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Matt Damon) showed her versatility as a performing and visual artist.

Christine Jean Blain had us thinking of our cultures our lives in other countries and the balance we can achieve if we are appreciative and value both. She is many things; an educator; a writer; a performer but above all she is a storyteller.

Farah Nasrawi created an interesting painting based on what she heard and felt of each speaker. The result was a beautiful piece of vibrant art which will be auctioned at a later date with the proceeds going to a charitable cause she supports. Her talk have us an insight on how and what she observes to bring her art to life.

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