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Everything You Need to Know About Family Law in Dubai



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Dubai is a fast growing city. Within two decades the landscape and population of the city have changed drastically. From a small port in the desert, Dubai is fast becoming the world’s luxury shopping and holiday destination and the leading financial hub of the region.

In line with its vision for the city, the government of Dubai has gone to great lengths to pass adequate laws to help locals and expats alike, to live, work and do business harmoniously within the city’s boundaries and across the UAE.

About Dubai Family Courts

As any expat arriving onto new shores, being familiar with the legal system, culture and customs of our adoptive country is a must. Often, we have our own apprehensions and misconceptions that is why it is important to familiarize ourselves with the legal framework we will operate in.

A legal firm such as James Berry & Associates, which has been providing legal advice in Dubai and the region for over 26 years, has a number of lawyers specialising in various areas of law, including Pre marital issues,  Divorce Law, Child Protection matters, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

In the UAE, Family law is legislated by Shariah law, which is the traditional legal framework of Islam. As an expat living in Dubai, in the event of a family dispute or breakdown, one can choose to proceed under Sharia law, or the laws of their home Country, depending on the circumstances and provided the criteria set out in the Personal Status Law are fulfilled.

The Family Court in Dubai has jurisdiction over a number of areas which affect our daily lives such as:

  • Marriage;
  • Divorce;
  • Children issues such as custody and visitation;
  • Settlement of finances;
  • Matters of succession; and
  • Families in Dubai – House calls

The Family Law team at James Berry & Associates has extensive experience of handling cases in the family courts, dealing with the issues of pre and post-nuptial agreements; divorce and separation settlements, local and international financial settlement Orders; child maintenance and child custody.

The Family Law team at James Berry & Associates, has, throughout the years, assisted a number of expat families from countries such as England, South Africa, Ireland, Spain, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Canada, and France.

Combining their expertise in both Sharia Law and Common Law based jurisdictions, the Family Lawyers at James Berry & Associates, are able to provide their clients with a full range of services which enable them to make informed decisions as to which legal system will be more beneficial to them and their circumstances.

Living by the Law in Dubai

Due to the variety of nationalities and businesses operating in Dubai, it has been paramount to ensure that everyone and every entity,  is regulated by a set of laws which will enable all to live, work and do business in Dubai efficiently with full knowledge and protection of the law.

Another benefit of using a legal firm such as James Berry & Associates is that one can have access to a variety of legal advice under the “same roof”. Indeed, Family law aside, the James Berry & Associates team, specialises in Immigration law, Employment law, Corporate and Commercial law, including Company Set up, Corporate Governance, Real Estate and Rental law, Wills and Probate, and Debt Recovery.

For further information, please visit www.jamesberrylaw.com

Or contact the team at enquiries@jamesberrylaw.ae

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