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Own your own home



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Property in Dubai

For many people who migrate here for work, owning an apartment or a villa is an important step towards a sound investment. With a high demand for good housing investments, there has been an increase in the number of companies offering mortgages for expat home owners. So which one do you choose?

AFB Global Mortgage Consultants is a boutique firm that offers you personalized and specialized mortgage services. The professional staff at AFB Global will discuss all the options available to you when taking the step to buy a home and assist you with the mortgage process from beginning to disbursement.

Home is where the heart is

Amongst the many choices that make Dubai a magnet for expat home owners, one of them must be the unique and flamboyant living spaces that have become a motif in the city. From high rise apartments to sprawling villas, the localities are as vibrant and diverse as the options that mortgage services in Dubai can provide.

The most popular vicinities for residents in Dubai are:

  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Al Barsha
  • Meadows
  • Mirdiff

From the glassy towers in downtown Dubai to the grassy open spaces on the city’s outskirts, Dubai has a home to suit everybody. Mortgages in Dubai are competitive and offer the prospect of home ownership to many expats. For people from places such as Karachi, Mumbai, Lebanon and Egypt, Dubai offers the chance of a stable, progressive life. And one of the foundations for this is a stable, peaceful and comfortable home. As a regional power, the city attracts a lot of off shore clientele, investments ranging from business success and property investments of all shapes and sizes are out there for further prosperity.

Castles in the sand

In the mid 2000s, almost 40% of the world’s operational cranes were in Dubai, busily constructing what was to become the Dubai we know and love today. The city is flooded with people who arrive here looking for a place to buy, rent and sell.

The trend is not only limited to the housing industry. Dubai is also the city with the world’s highest numbers of business start ups, so it makes sense that a lot of mortgages in Dubai are also tailor made for business premises. Sheikh Zayed Road is Dubai’s own stretch of what can best be described as Wall Street. It is flooded with the steel and glass beacons of Dubai’s business influences, attracting young entrepreneurs from as far as Australia and Canada.

Additional businessmen equate to a greater need for housing, and as people rise up the ranks, the desire to purchase their own home becomes a realistic possibility. Mortgage services in Dubai have developed within an industry where traditionally housing was inherited. In the modern world, those trends have changed and made way for more westernized, contemporary ideologies.

Being an oil rich country where the economy is predominantly supported by government backed businesses, the inflation rate in Dubai and the Arabian gulf in general is minimal, leading to affordable mortgages for Dubai expats.

Whether you’re single or moving to the city with your family, the housing industry offers something for everyone and the proverbial piece of the pie never seems to diminish. From the vibrant night life to bustling day time workers, the number of people flocking to the city is only second to the number of projects both in existence and also those in development.

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