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New Deadline announced – 30th June 2017

The following information is applicable to a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the United Arab Emirates Extension of deadline to amend your constitution As you may be aware from our previous newsletters, existing companies are required to amend their constitution to comply with the provisions of Federal Law No (2) of 2015 concerning Commercial Companies … Continue reading New Deadline announced – 30th June 2017

The Importance of Lawyers in Dubai

We all know the picture of Dubai that the media portrays. The luxurious lifestyle, the larger than life construction projects, and the boundless retail businesses that the city is famous for. What we don’t hear about are the Dubai law firms, and the lawyers who work for them. The government rules set for citizens are … Continue reading The Importance of Lawyers in Dubai

Legally Sound

Guide on Corporate Law Firms in Dubai for Business Start-Ups Thinking of entering the huge business world that Dubai has to offer, but unsure of the legalities? What you need is a reliable law firm in Dubai. One that can handle not only your business interests but any other legal issue that may occur along … Continue reading Legally Sound

Fighting Your Corner

Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Law Firm in Dubai Regardless of where you come from, what you do or who you are, you are subject to the legalities of the law of United Arab Emirates. The law system in Dubai extends beyond just obeying traffic rules. If you are caught up in a civil rights … Continue reading Fighting Your Corner

A Friend in Need

Moving far from your home, your family, and all that you are familiar with is a troublesome undertaking. That being said each day of consistently, many individuals worldwide experience this troublesome move for various reasons. A large portion of these individuals have no friend in the foreign land which they abruptly need to call home. … Continue reading A Friend in Need